Blair’s Weekly Update 04-20-08

Doc’s Talk:
200+ runners welcomed Doc back from his trip to the mainland. Doc talked about the “ideal” body temperature when running – 101 degrees. At 105 degrees the body would be overheating; therefore proper hydration and nutrition is essential in long distance running. Doc also mentioned that ordinary pretzels are a great source of carbs and sodium.

Table duty:
Thank you Eriko for the brownies and sodas! It was “oishii” and thirst quenching!

Thank you, Peter!
, UDABEST for doing such a fantastic job on our announcements every week! Aside from doing such a great job in the administrative announcements, Peter also serves as the Treasurer of the HM Clinic board and always does an excellent job in keeping track of our finances. Also, his daughter is just finishing up her first year at Yale. Congrats!

Boston Marathon results of our clinic members:
courtesy of Tim Smith:
Rosy Spraker 3:41:05 520 in her division
Kozo Yamagishi 3:38:42 63 in his division

The Group Reports:

by Les Young
Had your LSD today?

The Advance Group broke up into two groups today. One group did 8 miles and the other did 12 miles. The Staff Leaders are still trying to slow down the runners. They emphasized the need to learn proper pacing techniques. Some indicators of correct running pace are:

  1. You can talk comfortably with your running partners.
  2. You can drink water within 15-20 seconds after stopping at each water stop (instead of bending over trying to catch your breath).
  3. When the run is complete, can you do another run of the same distance and pace? If the answer is No, then you have over expended by running beyond your current pace capability.

Sunday runs are not a race. It should be the day to take in some LSD (Long Slow Distance). This is the time for your body to adapt to distance you want to cover. The general rule is to run your LSD a minute to a minute and a half slower than your marathon pace.

The RED Group
by Jeff Beard

The Red Group’s ranks swelled to 12 today! We all went out to the gas station, where a couple of people turned around for an 8 miler. The rest of us ran out to the phone “booth” – Joe led the group back for a 10-mile run. I continued on to the 2nd beach park for my 14 miles. The breeze (occasionally a gust!) kept things cool, but it was humid – all the more important to remember to:

(1) hydrate, but also,
(2) replenish your electrolytes – Gatorade, gels, gummies, pretzels – whatever you enjoy, it’s important that we take in some form of sodium & potassium.

Even at 8 miles, on a muggy day, water alone just doesn’t cut it Plus, they also offer us some carbs – a little extra energy boost!

A big mahalo to one of my friends, Caroline Miller – she’s opening up a cookie/brownie store in the fall, and she’s trying out sample recipes – and she has to buy a case at a time! So…….when she offered me some brownies to try, I told her she could “get rid of all she wanted” – I knew who would appreciate them.

The PINK Group:
by Jeff Oh (a new contributor)

We started off with a dozen or so, and lost a few to the reds, and a few to the whites along the way. With Rosie being on the mainland, Jewels and I helped keep the group upbeat, and in the right direction. Along for the run were Bill, Miley, Jana, James, Chris, Marie, and a few others who’s names unfortunately slip my mind (my apologies). Somewhere along the way we picked up Summer and her friend (again another name has slipped my mind). Will someone get me a notepad!

We experimented with saying “hello” to everyone one we crossed paths with, and passed along the way. What we found was we snapped a lot of people out of their trances, and got a lot of smiles and “hello’s” in return. It was fun, and kept us laughing and smiling for the 8.25 miles to the gas station and back. We ran up Kahala Avenue, chanting “I love Kahala Avenue” over and over. We tried to keep a consistent pace of 10 minutes per mile, but some were slightly off pace +/- 30 to 40 seconds.

Had a great time gang, keep up the good work, and see you out on the highways and byways.

Thanks to the table staff that had the delicious brownies and cold Coke refreshments, it really hit the spot.

The WHITE Group:
by Blair Hoashi

The group welcomed newer members Stacy, Jeff, Rachel, Leilani, Debbie, Tomoki among others. I will try and remember more of your names as our training progresses. I ran part of the way with Jeff, who is returning to the clinic after a 10+ year hiatus. Jeff moved back to Hawaii in December after many years on the mainland. Welcome back!

A group of almost 40 runners ran for 8.2 miles at about an 11 min/mile pace (according to my Garmin 305). We will designate Dr. Rob the official “time and distance keeper” after he gets his new 405 soon.

The BLUE Group:
by Pam Iwate

We had a fabulous run, good weather, great group. There were about twenty-six of us; everyone kept together for the eight miles.

To reiterate what Andy talked about at Triangle Park:
A) Decide what to wear for the Marathon
B) Try it out a few times; make sure you are comfortable with your choices.
C) Break it in.
D) Stick to the choices you have made.
E) No last minute changes in footwear, clothes or gear.

Next week same place, same time, same eight miles. Please wear your smiles.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte

The Beginners took the long way to Triangle Park staying out of the way of the Aids Walk crowd, and finishing the day at around 5 miles. After 6-weeks, training is now more habit than not; and the homework is critical. In May we’ll be adding to our distance on Sunday, and in June the mid-week homework will go up to 1.5 hours or two hours depending on how fast one can go 6 miles. Missed homework sessions in April put us at risk of avoidable injury later on. Congratulations on being half-way through your 12-week tour with the PTA (pain-torture-agony). See you next Sunday.


Shoe Recycling:
Next Sunday, April 27, will be the last day to drop off old athletic shoes for the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe recycling drive.

First Clinic Picnic Potluck – May 4:

Friends and family welcome; please sign up on the board as to what you might want to bring. Cost for incidentals -$1. It is always a fun and mouth-watering event; takes place after the usual Sunday Run.

What I learned from Group leader Sam and my five year old son:
My son, Zach, like staff leader Sam is extremely outgoing and very extraverted. Both are unafraid to give a little wave, a friendly “hello”, a smile or carry on a quick conversation with anyone. I decided a few weeks ago to follow their example and give a little wave or an acknowledgement of “good morning” when crossing paths with on-coming runners. The results are great! I always get a quick wave, a nice smile or “good morning” in response, and this adds to my positive morning karma.

“The friendliest running group in the world”:
Perhaps, we as staff leaders and members of the HMC could follow Sam’s lead and proffer a quick “good morning” or “good job” as we face on-coming runners. We might be known as the “friendliest” running group in the country or even the world if everyone followed through on this idea. I noticed that PINK Group leader Jeff had the same idea. Great job Jeff!

Again, great job Rosie and Kozo at Boston!! Also, Rosie (Adam-Terem), we hope your 199 mile relay for life was fun and successful!

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,