Blair’s Weekly Update 04-13-08

As mentioned last week, Dr. Scaff and wife Donna are on the mainland. So, senior staffer and Great Aloha Run Executive Roger Kobayashi spoke to a group of approximately 200 runners about running posture and stride. Thanks Roger for a most informative talk.

Table Duty:
Special thanks to Staffer Pat Lehman who provided us with much needed nourishment at the end of our runs.

Second Shoe Talk:
40+ runners gathered at the Running Room to attend our annual Shoe Talk. A big mahalo to Gaston, assistant manager of the Running Room for a most interesting and educational presentation on shoes, inserts, clothing, and supplements. Thanks also to Manager Lerma, for setting this up again.

A few reminders:

1.  Shoe recycling – please bring old running shoes to the clinic so Pearl Nakagawa can take it in to Niketown for recycling. Monetary benefits go to Hawaii’s public schools.

2.  Here is some new info about the Honolulu Marathon’s early registration period. May 3 and 4 will be for walkup registration at Niketown. Hours both days will be from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Fee is $30. But entries can be faxed and mailed in from May 3 to May 31 for the early fee.

Tickets for the Honolulu Marathon Concert/Luau on Dec. 12 can be bought for $25 with registration. Up to six companion tickets can be bought.
The new standard entry fees will be released later.

3.   May 4th – the clinic’s first picnic; potluck and open to friends and family. Lots of fun and food!! Perhaps I will whip up some of my “secret recipe” chili. Be prepared!


by Tim Smith

Les & Sergio led a group of about 10 in the advanced group this morning on a beautiful day for running. We were joined today by an experienced runner from Switzerland, Reto. Reto is a veteran of 8 marathons including one of the big five, Berlin. We’re also pleased to welcome back Kim who is coming back from a bout of shin splints. Les led Kai, Bruce and Mark to the 10-12 mile mark while, Sergio led Jackie, Clay, Reto, Tim and Kozo back for 8 1/4 miles. Per the Garmin, I get 8.28 miles or more when we turn around at the gas station so today we clocked in at under 1:10 for a less than 8:30/mi pace and 990 calories burned (if you weigh 155 lbs). A great day was had by all as we were spirited by the knowledge that two of ours is headed to Boston to run in the longest continually running marathon in the US. Kozo Yamagishi and Rosy Spraker having qualified at last years Honolulu Marathon, will be flying out this week barring any more airline company closings. Rosy is running in her 2nd consecutive. Just over 8 months to this years Honolulu. Enjoy the journey!

Red Group:
by Jeff Beard

Four runners started out with Red Group today – Jeff, Rachun, Carl & Amber. At the first water stop, we picked up to runners from the Pink Group – Joe and Tom (I told you we were going to try to steal some! We’re running at about a 9:30 pace – if anyone else would like to join us, we’d love your company!) Rachun & Amber had already run 5, so Rachun turned around at Elepaio St. – Carl, Amber & Tom turned back at the gas station. I went out to the second beach park again – the wind & light drizzle helped cool things down a bit.

Try to keep in mind with every step Roger’s formula – I can’t stress this enough – Relaxed, Silent, Tall – you will be a much healthier runner!
 Big thanks to Rosie for the non-Styrofoam cups – hard to find, you know….. Too bad I was the only one enjoying coffee & mango bread at 10:30 a.m.)

Keep up the good work – this is the building time for all of us – whether you’ve run several Marathons, or if this is your first – these “short” runs are what builds us up for the longer ones.

Pink Group
by Rosie Adam-Terem

The group went about 6.5 miles and then attended the Shoe Talk. Those who had already heard the talk went round the park to add a little more distance and did about 7.3 miles. At this point in our training it is really important to find your own comfortable pace for the Sunday runs. Remember that they will start to get progressively longer and that our task now is building the base. We want to be able to run at this personal pace for 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18…. miles. The Pinks are aiming for a 10 minute mile. On the uphill, we may be a little slower and on the down hills a little faster, but our goal (met today) is to come in at an average of 10 minutes per mile. This should be comfortable, that is to say you can still talk to your running buddies and keep up the pace.

On a personal note, I will miss you all next week as I will be in California running in The Relay with the International Used Parts Department women’s masters’ team. Many, many thanks to all of you who have donated towards our fundraising effort to help organ donation, and who have given me moral support for this venture. I have almost reached my personal fundraising goal, thanks to friends like you. If you would like to know more, please go to the event website at and if you would like to make a donation, there is a personal website at that will accept credit card contributions. Mahalo nui loa!
Good luck to our wonderful Boston Marathon runners. You inspire us all.

White Group:
by Blair Hoashi

Guru Sam, Alberto, Dwight, Ivie, Nelson, and Blair assisted approximately 30+ runners achieve this week’s goal an easy 8 mile run. A few of the runners broke off at the 6 mile mark to attend the Shoe Talk. The “usual suspects” seem to be joining the group each week; this is an indication that the runners have found a group that is comfortable and “suitable” for them. (Or, members find Guru Sam’s charm and sense of humor irresistible).

Blue Group:
by Julie Iwata

Last week we had a large group of 38, this week there were 30 of us. Andy and Norman gave us some very useful tips regarding our form when running down hill; they are a great wealth of information.
Early registration for the Marathon will be May 3, 4, between the hours of 10am and 8pm, $30. Everyone is keeping up the pace which is very impressive for this early in the season. Next week “Hello service station” across from Kahala Mall eight miles of smiles.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Pearl Nakagawa

Today the Beginner’s Group was 60-strong! Norm led the group’s first charge up Diamond Head Beach Road with 40 people in tow at a speedy average pace of 13:42 minutes per mile over 3.82 miles, Steve led Ro’s group, followed by Marilyn, and then the walkers. Roger Kobayashi’s talk about running upright, even on hills, and shortening your stride, when tackling those hills, was extremely helpful today because it was the group’s first time tackling that Diamond Head hill. For next week, Norm suggested taking Monsarrat Avenue as a detour from the AIDS Walk. Running single file is imperative on that route because we’ll be passing through a business district.

We wish our Pink Group leader Rosie Adam-Terem many well wishes as she competes in the 199 relay for life run in CA this week.

Roger’s Talk: Elements of Running Style
Here is an abridged version of Roger’s talk:

Keep your arms and hands “loose”. Why? When you clench your fist, your arm and shoulders muscles are under tension.

Run silently. Why? If you can hear your footsteps, your feet are probably “slapping” the pavement. That increases the impact when you land. Generally, distance runners land on their heels and roll forward.

Stand tall-Perpendicular to the horizon
Why? That position requires the least amount of muscular effort. If you lean away from the perpendicular position, your trunk muscles will have to work harder to keep you erect.

Have a safe and wonderful week! Go get ’em Kozo and the two Rosie’s; gambatte!!