Blair’s Weekly Update 04-06-08

Dr. Scaff and his wife Donna are off on a two week trip to the east coast to oversee a run. So, Peter informed us of some administrative details then sent us off on our way. The timing was perfect and well planned (thanks to Rosemary) because the first of our shoe talks was scheduled today. Nice crowd of 60+ heard Gaston, the assistant manager of the Running Room give great information about shoes. (See Norm Uyeda’s report on the Shoe Talks in Beginner’s Bits).

Gia’s Gift – the “perfect food”:
A big mahalo to staffer Gia who provided pretzels and bananas at the end of our run for table duty. I think the bunches of bananas are a first; thanks for providing us with what many call, nature’s “perfect food”. Mahalo, Gia! We will miss you with the White Group – have fun with the PINKS.

The Gift of Life:
I have to apologize to Rosie Adam-Terem, leader of the Pink Group and the rest of our runners as I failed to mention in an earlier update that Rosie belongs to a group of 12 masters women from Hawaii, CA, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain who are running a 199 mile team relay run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz, CA. The run is to raise awareness and raise money for Organ Donation. Rosie’s team is called The International Used Parts Department (catchy name). The run takes place on April 19th and 20th and if anyone interested in helping out, please email Rosie at Apologies, Rosie! A flyer is attached.

Lots of contributions from staff leaders this week; thank you new contributors, Tim Smith, Pam Iwate, and Nelson Oribio!

The Advanced Group:
by Tim Smith

Les & Serge led a group of 7 that included Kozo, Tim, Chris & Gene (sorry to the one I forgot!) for a quick 8 mile run out to the gas station and back. All were taking turns trying to keep up with a Boston Marathon ready Kozo who had already run 5 miles earlier in the AM and was blazing along at a pace less than 8 min/mi. He is certainly an inspiration to all of us. We have missed Rosy the past 2 weeks but are wishing Kozo and Rosy well in the “holy grail” of marathons. We’re trying to set up something so we can be alerted as to their progress during the race. More to follow on this next week. For any runner who aspires to a Honolulu marathon finish of around 4 hours, please see Les with the advanced group on Sunday mornings. We are committed to ensuring each and every one is in their best form and ready for the race. Good luck in your runs during the week and see you next Sunday.

The Intermediates:

The Reds:
By Jeff Beard
The Red Group went out with 5 people today – Jeff, Jacqui, Carl, Rachun and Amber (welcome back Amber!!!!) I went 14 (the second beach park) – Jacqui & Rachun had already run 5-6 miles, so they turned around at the 6 mile mark (Elepaio St.), Carl went out to the gas station & back for 8, and Amber ran with me to the 1st beach park, for 12. The light drizzle was nice at first, but the occasional heavy downpours were a bit too much – but, if you ran last year’s Marathon here, it was also a reminder of what can happen on race day! For anyone who runs with me (or just wants to stick around ’til I get back, I have mango bread & hot coffee).

The Pinks:
by Joe Wong and Rosie Adam-Therem

Joe’s Report –
After we broke up Pink Group at mile 6, some of the runners wanted to run 9 miles plus. Both Greg and Laura really pushed the idea and I was glad. It was their spirit that gave us that energy that led us into the pouring rain. I saw nothing but smiles and even heard some laughing. The first week of the HMC, Jana joined our group and had difficulty just running up Diamond Head. Now, at week #3, she looks like a new person – she’s more confidence and very poised. Jana has not missed a weekend with us since the Marathon Clinic started and I am most impressed as to how tough she has gotten. If Jana can maintain her training with us, who knows how much better she will be.
I would like to also welcome Amber back to the group. If Amber stays injury free, she can blow away a lot of good runners. We bid farewell to Christine, who will joining the Advanced Group. Everyone enjoys your company and we would want you to stay with Pink Group but it is unfair for you to stay and run at our speed. You are a faster than you think and you can improve your running skills with Advance Staff leader Les Young. If you feel uneasy about it, then please come back to us. Both Jeff Beard and Les Young are experts.

Rosie’s Report
On a cool and eventually rainy morning, we had plenty of enthusiastic Pink runners willing to jog along at a 10-minute mile pace. Joe led the main group and went 9.5 miles to “the place where Superman changes his clothes” (yes, it stumped me; someone had to tell me that meant the phone box on Kalanianaole.) My little group ran 6.5 miles, turning around at Elepaio Avenue. Even though it was a cool day, we made sure to drink plenty of water and keep our pace comfortable for conversation. At this point in the training year if you are planning to do the Honolulu Marathon in December, the Sunday run should be around 6 miles long with the two other days per week of running at least an hour each. Next month we will add two miles to our Sunday run. Some of the more experienced and advanced runners in our group and those who are running in marathons earlier in the year than ours are doing longer distances. Please don’t think that you need to do this. Dr Scaff’s training program is a tried and true program. If you follow it, you will be able to complete a Honolulu marathon comfortably in December. So relax, enjoy the scenery and good company, and see you next week!

P.S. Running for good. Mahalo to those HMC members who donated to my fund-raising effort for The Relay in aid of Organ Donation. For more information, you can e-mail me at or or go to the race’s website at

The Whites:
by Nelson Oribio

A group of about 34 runners led by Sam, Jewels, Ivie, Dwight and Blair briskly covered about 8 miles to the Kahala gas station and back to Kapiolani Park. The staff reminded the group that our “homework runs” should be just two one hour runs during the week. There is no need at this point to run significantly more than one hour per training run during the week. Between now and the marathon, there will be ample time to gradually increase the duration and/or length of our training runs. The Sunday run should be the longest run of the week.
We were blessed with a “passing shower” at the Kahala gas station and the deluge was more than enough to cool us off as we made our turnaround. The downpour brought up some discussion about putting Vaseline or the like on your feet during rainy days (like at last year’s marathon). We also had the opportunity to thank the homeowner along Kilauea Avenue who provides water and cups for the runners.
This may be an exaggeration for most of us, but hopefully it drives home a point. Remember to start off your run slowly; then slow down from there.

The Blues:
By Pam Iwata

Once again we had great weather for running, no spills, everyone enjoyed the run. Short run next week as we will be having the shoe clinic. If anyone is interested in going a little longer there will be an opportunity to do so. Andy kept us entertained with his trivial teasers and great running pace. Thank you Ron for traffic safety control as we are such a large group. Homework two one hour runs twice a week with one days rest in between.
See you next Sunday.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Pearl Nakagawa, Rosemary Kyte and Norman Uyeda.

Pearls’ Report
Norm’s group ran a short 1.88 mile route so the group could attend the shoe talk. Average pace: 14.56 minutes/mile.
Have a great week!

Norm’s Report
The Shoe Talk today went over well as Gas (assistant manager Gaston) kept the crowd entertained with his wit and knowledge. Gaston and his staff have quite a bit of expertise and provide an invaluable aid in shoe and attire choice.
The Running Room also provided some light pastries and coffee for those in attendance. A discount was also offered at the end of the Shoe Talk and quite a few of the group took advantage of the lower prices.

Rosemary’s Report
paced her group to just a slightly slower pace than Norm’s group. Other coaches joined the course as well, including Bob Lew and Jo. Cliff Hand has been walking but was seen running a bit today, looking good. Marilyn took a second lap with beginners who planned not to attend the shoe talk. Elaine reported that she and others were able to walk up to the Running Room for the talk in right around 30-minutes (just as the skies opened up to rain); so, they got the full 4 miles of training in … good job.

35 new members signed up for our update roster today -we now total well over 400 members (including website sign ups). Our members are from all over the world! Dr. Scaff’s teachings and practices do work and we are all great examples!!!

Sending out a “Warm Aloha” to Richard in Tacoma, Washington (friend of staffer Linda Takara) and also to Sharon, who resides in Pine, Colo. (friend of staffer Marilyn Nagel). See you in December!

2nd Shoe Talk at the Running Room this Sunday – starting at 9:00 a.m.; coffee and pastries provided; a 20% discount on shoes that day. Group leaders please advise your members accordingly.

Early registration for the Honolulu Marathon is on May 3 and 4th; Fee is $30. No time set as of yet.

Have a great week!

See you all at the water stops,