Blair’s Weekly Update 03-30-08

My foot’s bigger in the afternoon than in the morning? Doc’s talk this morning focused on feet; he mentioned how our feet can change in size based on the time of day and type of activity. Dr. Scaff states that the best time to get a fairly accurate reading on foot size is right after a one hour run – a perfect segue onto our Shoe Talks at the Running Room next Sunday. So next week, after our clinic run, our feet should be “jus’ right” for a shoe fitting (if you were intending to purchase new shoes). By the way, a 20% discount on shoes is offered that day.

Much mahalo, to staffer Marilyn for “hosting” table duty; the oranges and pretzels were delicious! Marilyn even iced the oranges for us – thanks for your thoughtfulness!

Just Do It!
Special mahalos also to staffer Pearl for heading the shoe recycling program again for the sake of our kids in various schools. She will collect old athletic shoes for recycling at the clinic from April 6 through April 27. The shoes will go to Nike, where they will be ground into playground turf. All kinds of non-spiked athletic shoes can be recycled, not just running shoes. HMC members can also check to see if their child’s school is participating in the Reuse-A-Shoe program because the schools can earn credit from Nike if they recycle the shoes at the school.

The Groups:

The Advanced and Red Groups took off like a rocket and were nowhere to be seen after their “initial launch”.

The Pinks:
by Joe Wong and Anita Schorlemmer

Anita took some runners back after four plus miles. Pink Group then broke up and continued on our 8 mile course. Terry from New York who is ex Navy and ex Fireman did a fine job leading the Pink Group at 9.5 minute per mile. Christina who I believe is one of the fastest runners in the clinic was going so fast, I dare not to report it. Christina should run in the advance group but wants to stay with Pink and that tells me a lot about a person’s character. I am so happy with the progress from all of the runners. Jetta from Jersey looks better every week. Laura and Tom are both excellent runners never looking tired. Linda is very special, I am so happy she joined up with our group. Please stay with us, Linda, Maria, and Russell are getting stronger and stronger every week. Great job, Russell!

I would like to remind Pink Group our goal is run a steady 10 minute pace. I know our runners are very fast but the key is not to burn so much energy so early. Please remember a marathon is 26 miles and we have to pace ourselves. I like to end this on a good note and say all the runners in the Pink Group are amazing. There are so many runners I forgot to write down but you know who you are and I want to say thank you for both your support and company. I look forward seeing all of you next week.

The Whites:
By Blair Hoashi

32 runners were led by a rejuvenated Guru Sam (who was away for a week in San Diego) and always enthusiastic Alberto, Jewels, and Dwight. Nice to see “old timers”, Jimmy, Maurice, Gerald, Laura, Alison, and Roeland among others. Alison introduced us to her son who joined us in our run. On the topic of family, Roeland and wife, Dr. Chien Weng welcomed a new daughter this past winter, Ty-Ann. She is beautiful and full of life! All five family members went out for a run this morning! Of course mommy and daddy had all of the “fun” in pushing two strollers.

The group did a 6.2 mile route at an 11:00 min/mile pace as per our schedule. Next month’s agenda includes an increase in mileage – we run to the Kahala gas station and back – approx. 8 miles.Please keep up with the “homework”.

The Blues:

Staff leaders Andy and Norman took a group of 30+ runners on a 12 min per mile pace along Diamond Head. Thanks to everyone for assisting staffer Fiona who fell and suffered some bruises and scrapes. Thank you Val for walking in with her to make sure she was ok.

Beginners’ Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte

The Beginners went 4.25 miles (two long laps around the Park), with Rosemary and her Garmin jumping around on the pace a bit – varying between 13:30 and a 15 minute mile. But with good trade winds and lots of water, all seemed to do well. Congratulations to all on finishing 3 weeks of training; runners and walkers alike have logged over 26 miles of training. Keep up with your mid-week training sessions; every mile on the body makes us stronger.


What Every Runner Needs to Know:
Shoe talks this Sunday and next at the Running Room on Kapahulu Avenue – April 6 and 13. Starts at around 9:00a.m.; let’s make sure we schedule our runs accordingly. Staff leaders please make accommodations for those attending the talks.

Early Marathon Registration:
May 3 and 4 at Niketown; cost $30; time not yet announced (whenever Niketown opens?). Breakfast tailgate, anyone?

Chicken or fish?
A group of friends recently gathered at a member’s house for a potluck dinner. As usual, the company and food were great! As I looked around the room, all of us got to know each other and bonded with one another because of our involvement with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Clinic participants become lifelong friends; spending almost a whole year and commiserating with one another about aches, pains, illnesses, various problems, etc. is kind-a-like sharing and reflecting on one’s life. A “life bond” is only natural. I feel blessed that my family and I have met and made such wonderful friends.
By the way, Jeff and Kim’s chicken looked, felt and tasted like fish. Many of us could not tell the difference; it was that good! We will be calling you for the secret recipe.  

In “Lew” of Steve Jobs (da “Apple guy”):
Webmaster Bob (Lew) promises new “tech improvements” in regard to these updates. Stay tuned; did you know that Bob worked at Apple?  Bob, did you work on some “pea or pod” thing? 

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Have a great week!