Blair’s Weekly Update 03-23-08

Doc spoke to a group of approximately 200 runners today about the “talk test” – making sure that when we run, we are running comfortably and not “maxing out” on our oxygen intake (VO2).

Much thanks to Board member Luanne and staffer Susan for taking care of table duty and providing us with refreshments that “hit the spot”. The juice and pretzels were just what we needed!

You should talk to Luanne and Susan about their experiences in walking a marathon. They offer a very different perspective – e.g. water stops already dismantled, so water cups are placed on the road; the cheering fans and fanfare are gone, etc. Perhaps, they are the
true “Ironman” marathoners.

And much mahalos to Dr. Cliff Hand who smoothly handles the sale of our clinic shirts. The task takes lots of time and effort and we truly appreciate your leadership!

We welcome three new contributors to our weekly update – Les Young, staff leader of the Advanced Group; Joe Wong, staff leader of the Pink Intermediate Group and Andy Hirano, staff leader of the Blue Intermediate Group. Staffer Nelson Oribio, last year’s Blue Group contributor has “graduated” to the White Group. Perhaps we can ask him to report on some White Group activities in the future. His reports were always informative and full of humor.

The Advanced Group:
by Les Young

The Advanced Group welcomes Tim Smith, Kozo Yamagishi, and Rosy Spraker as new Staff members. Les Young and Sergio Robles (AWOL-Where are you Serg??) have been really hoofing it trying to keep up with the younger runners. The goal of the group is to run a Sub-4 marathon, which means less than four hours. Runners joining the group should have 25-30 miles/week running base. We like to start the run at a 9 min/mile pace for at least 3-4 miles. This is our warm-up. The group picks up the pace running between 8:30-8:50/mile pace.

We use the “talk test” to monitor our pace. The newer runners are doing 8 miles and the experienced runners are doing 12 miles. The group is reminded never to past up water and not wear anything cotton for long distance running. We talk about the need for fuel replacement (gel, pretzel, energy bar) and the need for salt replacement during the water stops. If you have the desire to go Sub-4 and want to experience the “KOZO KICK”(awesome!!!), join us if you meet the above requirements.

The Pink Group:
By Joe Wong

There were ten of us in the Pink Group. We had a problem running at a 9-minute pace so slowed it down to 10 min. per mile. Eight miles was our target and we were led by Christine, who runs like a track star. Laura was right behind and kept us steady. It was a pleasure running with you with all of you; Maria, Maile, Jenei and Tom, even after 8 miles, you were all smiling and you made the trek look real easy. Thanks to the rest of the staff who assisted the group and watched our “tail”. Much Mahalos.

Our goal is to continue running 8-miles until mid April and work on some speed work after the last water stop. The Pink Team has some very good runners; it is important that we start off slow and avoid injury.

The White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

A group of about 32 runners comprised our enthusiastic “swarm”. We ran a 6.3 mile route along Diamond Head at an 11 min per mile pace. Welcome to newcomer Mara, who recently moved from Texas. She is in the military and an avid canoe paddler. She’s done a few marathons and wanted to join a nice running group. I also met Craig who brought his four children with him. Craig’s oldest is a cross country runner at Maryknoll High School. I met many new runners today and look forward to getting to know them better as our training progresses. Much thanks to Alberto, Jewels, Ivie, and Nelson for keeping the large group in good order.

The White group will continue their 6 mile runs for the rest of March; in April we start running to the Kahala gas station and back – approx. 8 miles. Let’s make sure we keep up with our “homework runs” during the week. Remember, just two one hour runs during the week. No need to keep track of speed or distance.

The Blue Group:
By Andy Hirano

Usually, the Blue intermediates have a steady group of 30-32 runners. Even today, Easter Sunday, there were 30 folks strong. Our pace was a little show going up Diamond Head but eventually settled on a 12 minutes per mile pace. The Blue group has been running a 6 mile route down 22nd Ave to Kilauea Park and back. Soon, we’ll be extending it slightly following the actual marathon route down 18th Ave to Kilauea Park and back. Our pace seems to suit our group as we finished together.

Clinic staff volunteers for the Blue group have been Andy, Norman,
Fiona and Pam
. We reminded everyone as other runners and walkers come our way, to share the sidewalk by forming a single file. The front runners will raise their hand to signal that someone is approaching so the runners in the back know when to move over. It is okay to form a two abreast line as long as the sidewalk is wide enough for others to pass. Let’s be courteous on our runs and share the sidewalk for others to use as well.

Happy Easter!

Beginner’s Bits
By Rosemary Kyte

The Beginners took the long 4-mile route (4.4 miles) around Kapiolani Park; two laps adding in the Zoo block. On the course were staff volunteers Jo, Bob, and Stephen. Luanne took her turn at table duty, along with Val and Cliff.

A special acknowledgment to Val and Cliff who have been devoting their Sunday mornings to clinic logo-wear sales during this busy start of clinic season. Keep up with your mid-week training sessions; every mile on the body makes us stronger.


Honolulu Marathon Registration:
Early registration for the 2008 Marathon will be at Niketown (in Waikiki) on May 3 and 4. Fee is $30. Time is not yet available.

The Most Important Piece of Equipment for Running:

Shoe talks will be held at the Running Room on consecutive Sundays, April 6 and 13. The talks will begin at 9:00 a.m. so a short run is scheduled by most groups before the talks. The doors will not open until 8:50 am, so no need to get there too early. But, parking is limited so carpooling advised. April 6 has been designated for the beginners but those who are not able to make it on the 13th are welcome to join in on the 6th and vice versa. A 20 % discount on shoes that day!

The All Omnipotent Ones:
“We give thanks to God, Jesus, Buddha, mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa and the U.H. Warriors,” as stated by my five year old son during grace.

We now total 400+ members on our email list; our list keeps growing and runners can now sign up on our website, Special thanks to webmaster Bob Lew and his wife Libby for doing such a great job on our site. Like Dr. Cliff, Peter, Rosemary, and others, Bob and Libby volunteer their time and effort to the clinic. Mahalo!

If you would like to be taken off the email list, please let me know.

We look forward to your comments.

See you at the water stops,