Blair’s Weekly Update 03-16-08

Dr. Scaff’s talk was about the rationale for running an hour at a time three times a week: fast twitch muscle fibers for the first 20 minutes burning carbs, switch to slow twitch muscle fibers with eventual glycogen depletion after about 40 minutes, and endurance and fat burning in the last 20 minutes of the hour. He extolled the virtues of pretzels and Gatorade as carb and electrolyte replacements. Drinking water was emphasized too, of course. He said he would talk about feet next week. He also debunked some myths about antibiotics in the water, etc. (Reported by Rosie Adam-Therem)

The Reds:

By Jeff Beard

The Red Group started out with… just me! All of my former runners (Rosie, Eugene, Tim, Kozo, etc., plus some newcomers) joined up with Les in the Advanced Group – they’re all doing 9 minutes per mile or less! I ran with the Pink Group out to the gas station – several people, including Belinda, Carl & Rachael, pretty much kept up with me. So, Pink Group, I’m looking to steal some runners!;-) I’m running at about a 9:30/9:45 pace – if you’d like to, please join me next Sunday. Since I’m gearing up for San Francisco in August, I’m going longer distances, but you’re welcome to run with me out to the gas station (& further, as our mileage picks up). Also – welcome back, Gwen Judd! After recovering from a nasty bike spill & broken collar bone, Gwen came Sunday & ran with the Pink Group – good to see you back.

The Pinks:

By Rosie Adam-Therem

I will be away for two weeks: skiing in Alaska for a week followed by a meeting in DC.

Anita led a large group of Pinks at a 10 minute-mile pace, and most of them went 8 miles today. A smaller group of new members and some very welcome prodigals went 6.5 miles with Rosie. New member Stephanie, who is another musician in the Navy, persevered and said she had never run this far in her life: something she will say month after month until the marathon we hope! Melinda noted gains from last week already. We were especially happy to be joined by a running couple from Nova Scotia, Canada who are here on vacation. They will hopefully be back again with the clinic next Sunday before their trip home on Monday. They shared a tip with us: there is a Running Room chain with stores in every province in Canada, and they all have runs twice a week, so no matter where you are in Canada you can find some road runners to tag along with – rain or shine, snow, fog, or ice.



The Whites:

By Sam Usman

We had about 35-40 runners with us today! Alberto, Ivy, Linda and several of our staff were put to the test because of the large group. The water stop took awhile due to the large numbers but everything went well. We did an easy 6.3 miles and finished in unison.

I love my yoga so incorporate it in my running. I understand that everyone has their own methods so “yoga running” might not be for everyone. I obtain great benefit from it and so like to share it with others. Blair we missed you; I will be off to San Diego for 10 days so will miss the group this Sunday. Namaste.

Beginner’s Bits:

By Rosemary Kyte and Pearl Nakagawa

Norm and Tammy paced the largest group of beginners out front (see below from Pearl‘s notes on that group’s pace). Rosemary held a smaller group to an average of 15.5 minutes per mile; interspersed with several groups of walkers who pretty much kept up with the runners by spending little or no time at the water stops. As we finished our session we saw Norm with a participant on the ground, who we later learned made a full recovery from a brief fainting spell.



Norm’s group ran at an average pace of 14.15 minutes/mile. For the distance, we will rely on Ro’s Garmin because our stats indicate a distance of 3.26 miles (don’t know why it’s half a mile shorter than Ro’s–maybe the low battery charge?). We will see if next week’s stats match the other Garmins more closely. I will try the trick of cleaning the battery contacts, and we’ll see what Norm’s group does next week! Have a great week!




A Note from Norm Uyeda:

One of the runners our group felt faint at the end of today’s run and we treated her with some juice and water to bring up her hydration level. After a short rest she seemed to be OK. I guess it is not too early in the season to begin to spread the word on the aspect of running safety and post race collapse syndrome. Please let someone know if you are not feeling well, nauseous or feeling dizzy. Because of the large groups involved, keeping track of everyone becomes difficult and it would be terrible if we missed someone who had dropped out.



Roger’s request:

Roger Kobayashi, one of our Senior Staff members and an executive committee member of the Great Aloha Run is doing some research on the marathon clinic and would like to ask for your help.

The following survey is intended to see the relationship between the Honolulu Marathon Clinic training programs and performance in the Honolulu Marathon 2007.

To be completed by anyone who completed the Honolulu Marathon 2007

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. How many marathons have you run prior to the 2007 Honolulu Marathon?
  4. What was your average weekly mileage in October and November 2007?
  5. What your training pace in October and November 2007? (minutes/mile)
  6. What was your finishing time?
  7. Did you hit the wall?

I promise to share the results. Please send the completed documents to “”. Please use the subject line HONOLULU MARATHON SURVEY to ensure that I catch them before the message are directed to a spam folder.

Any comments or questions please feel free to let us know.

Keep healthy (I should heed this advice) and until next Sunday,