Blair’s Weekly Update 03-10-08

Approximately 250+ runners gathered this morning to start the beginning of the 2008 Honolulu Marathon Clinic season. As many of us reconnected with our friends and acquaintances from year’s past, a stream of new faces inundated us and presented us with possibilities of forging new friendships.

Our founder and noted cardiologist Dr. Jack Scaff was welcomed back enthusiastically as he spoke about the history of the clinic and how it’s helped thousands of runners over the past 30+ years. He mentioned that running three times a week, an hour each time, will decrease one’s chances of having a heart attack by 30% – a no-brainer!

Mahalos to Val, Maile, Muriel and Bert for handling our first table duty and providing some nice refreshments. Thanks also for assisting with the sale of our clinic shirts and caps. Good stuff at a very reasonable price.

The Intermediates:


Jeff Beard
led the group through its usual paces – about a 9.30 min. per mile pace. Most did an 8 miler.


by Rosemary Adam-Terem

It was wonderful to come down to the clinic and see so many people, re-connect with old friends, and best of all, make new ones.

The Pink group aims for an average of a 10 minute mile. We split into two sub-groups today with Anita and Joe taking a good-sized group out for 8 miles, while Rachun and I went 6.5 with the others. It was a windless, beautiful day and we were rewarded by views of a silky ocean with dolphins frolicking around kayakers out beyond the Diamond Head breaks. Of course it was also warm and quite muggy so our runners were glad of a few pretzels and some Gatorade along the way to keep their energy up.

In our half there were six new members I would like to mention and give a warm welcome to, and here’s a little of the information I gathered today:

Howard, who has run a marathon before, and is getting back into distance running, is a chiropractor – so all our aches and pains can be resolved…

Kenny, originally from Mississippi , is in the Marines and is also a doctoral student in psychology and education, so he can help out with our mental health…

Maria is part of our United Nations of runners; she’s from Chile . I want to learn more about her home country…

Marisel (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) originally from San Diego , is a nurse at Tripler. She can patch us up if we fall to pieces. She can come every other week…

Melinda, originally from Texas , is a young mom and a musician. She’s in the Navy, and will be going out on a ship for four months during our training year. However, we hope she will stick with us and come to the HMC whenever she can…

Yasuko is from Japan. Not only is she a good runner, she rides her bike down to the clinic and back home again…

What a great group!

Our group learned quickly about not going out too fast and conserving energy on hills. We also talked about nutrition, providing the body with enough fuel to do a six-mile run early in the morning, and of course we talked about water and visited every fountain on our route.

This was a fabulous start to the new HMC season.


Guru Sam, Alberto, Ivy
, and other staff members led a group of about 30 runners on a 4 to 6 mile run. New members of the White group are in for a treat because Group leader Sam, a veteran of more than 20+ marathons, “generously” provides the group with unending commentary as we run as well as impart to us his words of deep wisdom. Namaste, Sam – welcome back. Alberto is our designated “Sgt-at-Arms” who always tries to keep the group organized and on the right track. Thank you and welcome back, Alberto! A big mahalos to Ivy, Jeff, and Dwight as well.

Beginner’s Bits:

By Norm Uyeda and Rosemary Kyte

I use my sunglasses as a gauge for the humidity – when they fog up during the water stop – then I know it is humid. My sunglasses fogged up from the first waterstop. but the group was a bunch of troopers and I didn’t hear any complaints. I had a huge group at the beginning, but lost a bunch of them at the end of the first loop. Not sure if a lot of them gleefully left when they thought we were through for the day. Just your regular first day chaos…

I’m not sure what the pace was, but I would say “faster than 15” would be in the ballpark. I think I need to buy me one of those Garmins.


Pearl and Rosemary paced their group to about a 15-minute mile for
3.7 miles (Garmin says). Some participants moved pretty fluidly among the different pace groups, as is common early in the year as each settles into their own pace. Norm had quite a large group of steady runners out in the front the whole way; other groups were paced by Marilyn, Jo and Luanne.

Homework question: When I am drinking from a water fountain, how do I know that I am getting my full 10 ounces for every 20-minutes of training?

See you next Sunday!


Please check our website at Thanks to webmaster Bob Lew for doing a great job of setting it up.

Remember to do your homework – 2 one hour runs during the week; no need to be concerned about speed or distance – just run for an hour. One needs to build up stamina during these weekday runs so the longer Sunday runs become easier. Staffer Keith Tanaka leads a group during the week at Ala Moana Park. The runners meet at the entrance of the parking lot where the canoes are launched at 5p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If interested, please let me know and I will relay to Keith.

If you would like to taken off this email list at any time, please let me know. We now number 366 members on our email list!!

Have a great week and see you at the water stops