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The Honolulu Marathon Clinic is for anyone planning to participate in the 2015 Honolulu Marathon. We include all levels of runners — and especially welcome first time marathoners. Our core activities are weekly clinics that begin promptly at 7:30 a.m. Sunday mornings from March 8, 2015 until the December 2015 Honolulu Marathon. Complete details on are on the Sunday Clinics page.

Note: You’re viewing the current, official web site of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. If you’d like to visit our old web site, it is still accessible online here.

Blair’s Weekly Update 12-14-2014

Congratulations – you did it!!!

Great job to our many first timers!!

Team Keene!

Many of our members wore a beautifully made purple ribbons to honor Keene, the courageous son of Purple Group member Lorna. Thank you Melissa P for the great ribbons and Ivie K. and Lynnae L. and others for your compassionate efforts.

Da Comment Corner:

Da Stairs:

Climbing up, not too bad but coming down, big problem!


This Sunday is the “after the marathon” picnic; – potluck so please bring your favorite dishes to share. Zippy’s chili and rice and soft drinks will be provided. Families and friends are all welcome. There is a $1 charge per person.

Mahalo – Dr. Scaff and Donna, Board members, and Staff leaders:

Please thank all of your staff leaders for their leadership and dedication in assisting all of us on our “journey”. Perhaps some of you might look into volunteering to be staff members next year – only one marathon qualifies you. It is a great way to “give back” to the clinic. Please thank Doc and Donna for all of their contributions to the clinic and also please also give a hearty “mahalo” to the board members who do a lot of “behind the scenes” organizing – Chairman Bruce Mullikin, Norm Uyeda, Peter Garcia, Luanne Murakami, Val Ogi, Muriel Taira, Stephen Zane, Maile Burgey and Blair Hoashi.

Da Best!

Thanks to all of you for the nice compliments on the weekly updates. I would like to mention the many contributors who made the newsletter so successful – the Advanced Group – David FitzPatrick; the Intermediate Groups/ Red Group – Jeff Beard; Pink Group – Stephen Cole, Rosie Adam-Terem; Grey Group –Ron Alford, Andy Hignite; Grey Group – Lynnae Lee, John Kim; Black Group – Ivan Irie, Russel Honda; White Group – Guru Sam Usman, Dwight Bartolome, Bob Choate and Blair Hoashi; Blue Group – Andy Hirano and Val Ogi; The Beginners – Norm Uyeda, Dean Takashige, Louis Crompton, Cliff Hand, Roanne Abe, Derby LInden and George Ushijima. Also, the newsletter would not be so professionally done without the help of our own webmaster, Bob Lew. Mahalo to all!


The updates will be on “leave” until the clinic starts up in March next year! Thanks to all for your very nice comments and see you all next year!

Happy Holidays and see you all next year!

See you at the water stops,


Blair’s Weekly Update 12-07-2014 (Corrections)

Apologies the were incorrect dates in the “Da Comment Corner” in Blair’s Weekly Update 12-07-2014. My revised “Da Comment Corner” below has the correct dates.

Da Comment Corner:


Doc’s Carbo Loading Party on Friday, December 12th. Make sure to attend; it will be difficult to recognize your fellow runners in “party attire”.

Marathon!!! – December 14th at 5 a.m. start; please check with your group leaders as to your meeting place.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 15, Monday, 6:00 p.m.

Guaranteed a great time! (You won’t be the only one with aching legs. D&B has escalators!)

Cost $30.

Clinic’s “After the Marathon” Picnic December 21th.

It is a great time to compare notes about one’s marathon and bid farewell to your fellow group members till next year. Also, good time to thank your staff leaders for their help throughout the year.

Chili and rice and drinks served but welcome other potluck items. Desserts, salads, and main dishes would be very much be appreciated.

Cost $1.

Have a Great Marathon!!


Sorry for the mix up in the dates!

Blair’s Weekly Update 12-07-2014

Doc’s Talk:

Today, Dr. Scaff gave a longer talk covering everything you need to do for the week before the Marathon, with specific information on tapering, diet, clothing, your marathon plan, and what to do following the Honolulu Marathon. This was a very informative talk with information that might make the difference between a problem run and a successful marathon.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Grey staff leader Andy, fresh from his trip to the Big Apple, New York City, for taking care of the table duty today! The drinks, pretzels, fruits, etc. were a perfect send off to our marathon! Good luck to you Andy!

Nelson Shingano and his Oasis!

The group presented Nelson with a jar filled with donations. The group took up a collection to help defray some of the costs for Nelson’s weekly “Oasis” at the second beach park! Nelson and his group have been setting up the “Oasis” just for our Clinic runners to ensure that we are properly hydrated and carbo-loaded on our longer runs. Nelson and his Purple group do it from the goodness of their hearts- he gets no reimbursement from our clinic or any other organization. A thousand mahalos – each and every one of our members appreciates your thoughtfulness and generosity! Continue reading