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The Honolulu Marathon Clinic is for anyone planning to participate in the 2016 Honolulu Marathon. We include all levels of runners — and especially welcome first time marathoners. Our core activities are weekly clinics that begin promptly at 7:30 a.m. Sunday mornings from March 13, 2016 until the December 2016 Honolulu Marathon. Complete details on are on the Sunday Clinics page.

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Blair’s Weekly Update 05-15-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff continued his talk on overheating and the need for hydration.

Table Duty:

Thank you Dave and Derby for an incredible job at table duty! Great assortment of goodies.

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up on the board for the June 12 Bus Run. For many it will be a new experience running in from a destination to home base. I always look forward to the Bus Runs because of the change in scenery and the opportunity to socialize during the ride on the school bus. Most of us will be dropped off at the Maunalua Bay stop (across from Roy’s in Hawaii Kai) and return for about an 8 mile trek. Many Intermediate and Advanced runners will probably add in the Hawaii Kai Drive Loop (an additional two miles). We also get exposure to running on the actual marathon route. Please sign up ASAP so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today we did 11 with some hills at a mixed pace. Next week many folks are participating in the Ekiden, or out of town so anyone else is meeting at the Aina Haina McDonalds at 6:30 a.m. to run to Kapiolani and back. Run fun!

Pink Group by Rosemary Adam-Terem:
(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

What a great and numerous group of runners we were this hot and muggy morning! Leaders Henry, Kozo, Hao, Leslie, Andy, Alfredo, and Rosie were joined by a new group member Eunice who walked the marathon with the 14’s a couple of years back, Bruce, Kevin, Ryan, Jeff, Otaki, Earl, Cindy, Rowan, and Fumiko. I hope I didn’t forget anyone, and apologies if I did.

Dr. Scaff emphasizes pacing. He notes that the pacing mistakes we make in the first 10 miles will come back to haunt us in the last 10. Our group seems to be champing at the bit to go faster than we mean to. We want to average a 10 minute running pace, so that means we are slower up the hills and faster down. Just because we can run a 9 minute mile doesn’t mean we ought to. What we can do for 8 miles is not necessarily sustainable for 26.2…

We plan to run 8 to10 miles (gas station and round the park) next week, meeting at the regular clinic time so we get our heat training in.

For the Memorial Day weekend run, the Pinks plan to do Tantalus, meeting at the grass/triangle water tank, where Makiki Heights and Round Top Drives split, at 6 or 6:30 a.m. depending on group preference. We will poll next week on the time. Tantalus is basically five miles up and five miles down, so this is hill and eccentric training. Don’t worry if you think you can’t do five miles steep uphill, walking is allowed, and even advised! Downhill can take it out of your quads, so it’s good to take that easy too. There is no water on Tantalus, so bring plenty. We can have a little pot-luck afterwards.

Don’t forget the homework runs!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Tony Padua:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Tony led the Silver Group today as they faced a warm day with temperatures of 83 F and light trade winds. We welcomed new Silvers Mel, Sandy, and Russ. Other Silverados present included: Paul, Koko, Rick, John L., Dawn, Jimmy, Jerome, Carrie, Attila, and if any names were missed, please register your complaints with Tony.

We discussed the importance of drinking water / hydrating the night before a run. While we had ample water stops during our run, we could feel the heat and humidity! We were relieved by regular, gentle trade winds cooling us down.

In the end, we completed 8.16 miles, and ran closer to an 11-minute/mile pace than an 11:30. Another Sunday workout run and done! Many thanks for coming out to run, Silvers!

Homework (the key to HMC success): 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). Don’t skip these.

Tips: Today’s humidity reminded us that summer is on its way along with warm days to train in. Remember to hydrate well before, during, and after your run to help maintain your body temperature and prevent heat exhaustion. Remember, if you wait until you’re thirsty, it’s too late and dehydration will hit for sure. Listen to your body, especially when it needs more frequent replenishment. Supplements like power pretzels or gummies can also help as the mileage increases. Practice good replenishment habits – at least by 45 minutes, and every 20 minutes thereafter, unless your body tells you otherwise.

Coconut water is excellent for hydration, and a good source of potassium. Try it before or after a run. It’s also great for smoothies and protein shakes after a workout.


  • 5/22 – Honolulu Ekiden & Music Festival. Good luck to all the HMCers participating in this 26.2 mile relay race! Show your HMC pride! Clinic runners should do their regular 8-mile run to the gas station and back. Veteran Silverados can lead the group, as the Silver group leaders won’t be present.
  • 5/29 – Hibiscus Half Marathon. No Clinic.
  • 5/30 – [Memorial Day Run] We will have an unofficial Silverado group run and are looking for ideas. Some possibilities are Baby Kilauea, Tantalus, or Kailua. Details will be posted next week. All HMCers welcome.
  • 6/5/16: 9-miles
  • 6/12/16: Bus Run #1. Please sign up at Clinic.

White Group by Russell Uchida, Jessica Spurrier, and Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Approximately 25 runners were part of an enthusiastic core that did their second 8-miler. At Triangle Park several experienced marathoners were asked to give the newcomers – “make sure to do one’s homework runs”; “show up on Sundays for the long runs”; and “always carry a water bottle when training, especially on our Sunday runs”. Great advice for all. While early leaders left prematurely for their own reasons, the rest finished their 8 miler in fine fashion. We bid goodbye to Kayla who moves back to Ohio (?) after her husband graduated with his PhD.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano: early leaders

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

The Blue Group had a wonderful run, consisting of 24 runners strong, with group leaders, Andy, Val, Maile, and Fiona. Dave had table duty today. Today was Dave Darby’s last day with the clinic, as he will be moving to Germany. He’s been with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic for 3 years, 1 year with the beginners and 2 years with the Blue Group. He has been the organizer of our Blue Group Face Page. We’ll miss you. He’s signed up and hoping to return in December to run the Honolulu Marathon.

Remember to run single file, especially up Diamond Head with narrow sidewalks and congested with other joggers and walkers. When there are folks approaching, move to the right early, not last minute, to show them we’re giving them half the sidewalk for them to pass. It’s just courtesy. The Blue Group will continue our 8 mile runs for the month of May.

For next Sunday, May 22, Maile will lead the Blue Group. The following, week during the Memorial Day weekend, there will be no clinic. However, the Blue Group will still meet at Kapiolani Park on Sunday at 7am to do our morning run.

If you notice any water fountains at the parks that are out of order on the East side of Honolulu, the number to call for park maintenance is (808) 768-4626.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Let the sun shine – summer is coming. Fourteen Sweet Sixteens braved the sun and very little wind for a challenging 7 miles. Sylvia, Annette, Jenni, Candi, Fran, Arlene, Linda, Ginger, Lynn, Dan, Harry, Ron, Cliff and Roanne. We kept the pace at about 16.5 min/mile and our single file looked pretty good charging up and down Diamond Head. Glad to see that everyone had a water bottle and was drinking from it regularly. Good Job!

Bus run is coming up on June 12th. Please sign up for it if you have not done so already. It will cover a good part of the marathon course, so don’t miss it!

Homework for this week is 2 one hour walks. This is key going into the next phase of our training. As we increase the mileage the homework will really help you keep the pace and go the distance. You may also want to to start planning on bringing a light snack to eat along the way (sugary drink, pretzels, gu, try different things and see what works best for you. As we get higher in mileage, your body will want a pick me up to keep going. There will be plenty of Gatorade during marathon day, but train yourself to drink now so your body gets use to it. Remember – nothing new on race day.

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Did our doctor say we could eat salty Spam? I take mine with eggs or rice or chopped in a curry dish. Thank goodness we all jog and sweat so we can eat Spam. Green 15 had 14 at the start line… shoulda had 1 more for a nice round 15, but our absentees had excuse slips. Out and back for 7.1 miles in 1H 47M for a 15 m/m pace… that’s what we do from March till December when we’ll complete the marathon in 6-35. Come jog with us some Sunday, but be careful – if you try green, you may never go back. Mahalo to the refreshment table crew – they had already set up the tables by 6:45! Since we did Nana Miles [who?] today, it’s 7.5 scheduled for next Sunday… we can do that. Try to get in 2 homework days [with hills] this week, 1 hr. min each time. The Eikiden relay is May 22… come early, parking may be problematic. Aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Memorial Day Sunday/No Clinic:

There is no official clinic next Sunday due to the Memorial Day weekend. Please check your group reports or with your group leaders to see if you are meeting informally

“Running on Empty” (Repeat):

I am sure many runners could relate to Jackson Browne’s lyrics today (especially climbing up Diamond Head road on the way back) – it was a very hot and extremely humid. Running on mornings like this reminds us to make sure we hydrate properly. For many of us, the effects of the morning’s run might not be felt till later that night or the next day. As we approach summer, carrying a water bottle with an energy drink mix might be the difference in having a great run or just “running on empty”.

See you at the water stops,


Blair’s Weekly Update 05-08-2016

Dr. Scaff spoke on maintaining our body temperature and not overheating. As Peter always mentions, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.

Table Duty:

Led by Pink Group leader Rosie’s crew with Arlene, Marian and Susan set up the bountiful table today! We truly appreciate your efforts!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace: < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today we did 12.5 at a mixed pace, and had a great time. Next week is the bus run and anyone who isn’t doing that is meeting at the Aina Haina McDonalds at 6:15 to head out to Sandy’s. Run fun!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace: 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

We had the following runners with the Pink Group today: Leader Henry, Alfredo, Cindy, Earl, Gary, Horacio, Katsu, Ken, Otaki and Terry (apologies if I missed anyone). Leader Rosie provided our snacks and refreshments today.

We ran to the gas station and came back along the Farmer’s Road route, for a total of just over 8 miles. Katsu left early because he is preparing for the Honolulu Triathlon next week (we wish him good luck). It was crowded along Diamond Head Road today with several tour buses and many people out. Before crossing in front of vehicles, it is a good idea to proceed with an abundance of caution and make eye contact with the driver and give a friendly wave, nod or shaka.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s out there.

Have a great week everyone.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:
(Pace: 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group grew to 19 runners on this sunny Mother’s Day. The trade winds blessed us with their cooling breezes as we tackled our first 8-mile run of the season, going out past Jimmy’s Pit Stop to the gas station and back. We enjoyed the shade along Farmers Road. Led by Lynnae and Tony, the group included Jimmy, Andy L., Jen, John T., John L., Paul, George, Ringo, Dawn, Lee, Trieu, Zena, Selena, Melissa, Carrie, Rick, Shauna, Attila, and Carl.

At Triangle Park, Tony spoke about some of the aches and pains you will feel as you go through your training. Many of these are normal as you condition your body to be ready for the big run in December, but if the aches and pains don’t go away in a couple of days you many need to take a rest day. Listen to your body and the different pains. That’s a big part of long distance training.

Stats: The group took it easier today as we were increasing miles. We ran 8.5 miles at an average pace of 11:50 minutes per mile and burned around 1,100 calories for some runners and 1,500 for big guys. Congratulations to Zena and others who completed their longest run (so far)! Doesn’t the Clinic make long distance running easy??

The back-story to Jimmy’s Pit Stop: For those of you who don’t know why we call the bathrooms at Kahala District Park “Jimmy’s Pit Stop,” here’s the story… On a warm Spring day several years ago, a day much like this Sunday, the Silver Group was running a particularly challenging run. Most didn’t realize that what was about to happen would change their lives so dramatically; but then it happened. A distress-call from one of the runners was raised. A bathroom break was needed! Normally that’s no problem, but on this occasion, five other runners needed to desperately go as well. The group became disorganized and chaotic as the pressure built with every step and each runner looked at each other knowing that the gas station bathroom could only handle one person at a time and the others would need to wait. The pace quickened as people tried to outpace their fellow Silverados. First one to the gas station would find relief, while the others would have to stand in cold air conditioning wearing sweaty clothes and “managing” their full bladders. Just when things were about to turn ugly, a voice was heard in the group, saying “Hey, let’s go to Kahala Park’s public restrooms. They have more stalls.” The heavens opened and light gleamed through the clouds of despair that had hung so heavily over the group just moments before. That runner who saved the Silverados from tragedy was Jimmy and so, from that point on the Kahala Park’s bathrooms were known as “Jimmy’s Pit Stop.” An extra bonus is that these bathrooms have soap dispensers that are always full!


  • 5/15/16: 8-mile run. Back to our usual route out to Kahala’s Aloha Gas Station and back. Bring some cash along if you want to pick up drinks or snacks at the convenience store.
  • 5/22/16: Honolulu Ekiden. Many HMC members will be participating in this 26.2 mile relay race. Clinic runners should do their regular 8-mile run. We’re looking for a volunteer to lead the group on this day, as the Silver group leaders won’t be present.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace: 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Welcome to Our White Group Run, This morning we had our Top Leaders Blair and Sam onboard. After the Morning talk. We were lead out of Kapiolani Park by Pace Setter Bob and Speedy Charlie.

A slower group got ahead of us and passing them threw us on a slightly faster warm up pace. Single file was important and traffic on the pathway was heavy. A Good South Swell made the Run up Diamond Head more rewarding. Our friend Chantel was off to Norway and not only missed today’s run but a good overhead swell.

Afterward a quick water break, going downhill never felt better. Surprised, we found Rich coming from the other direction – to join up with us. Before we knew it, Triangle Park was here. Unfortunately, Mr.Blair was short on words and Guru Sam wanted to get back to running.

Apparently, People had deadlines to meet, turning onto 18th Avenue we lost two runners. Names withheld. Thanks for making time to train! Making our first run to the Gas Station this year was our Goal. We caught a few lights and everyone was having a jolly old time.

We went back onto Kilauea Avenue and got lost turning left and right throughout Kahala. Body temperature were getting hot and Sam had us walking when needed. Thanks to Young George for slowing us down on our first 8 miler.

We made Triangle Park with the fabulous 13. At some point after, Charlie with his New Hoka shoes disappeared. We chug a lug up Diamond Head – With more Big waves breaking offshore. Wow!

Our Leaders today were Sam, Blair. Jessica and Bob. Rounding out of group, we had 2x Russell. Russ, Elaine, Stefanie, Andrew, Rich, Richard. Kara, Jamie, George and Debbie.

Back at the Park, the Table Refreshments were very much appreciated. Thank You!


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Happy Mother’s Day! We appreciate everyone for taking the time to walk with us on this special day. Whether or not you are a mom, you still spent time away from family to do your training and we salute your dedication.

Fourteen of us started a beautiful morning off with a 6.5 mile walk up Diamond Head to the Dharma Oasis and back. Ron, Roland, Fran, Glenn, Sylvia, Lynn, Dan, Candy, Ginger, Arlene, Harry, Annie, Cliff and Roanne. Our single file looked great going up Diamond Head and that made it easier for the faster groups to pass us. Good job! We had a great time, averaging about 16.5 min/mile and not a single complaint was heard as we charged up Diamond Head.

I always found going up Kahala Avenue was the hardest part of the marathon, but after talking with Ron, he made it so much easier. He shared his knowledge about the neighborhood and gave me new insight into that part of the course. If you want to learn more about the area, I’m sure Ron will share with you too. Glad to hear more conversations going around me as we do our Sunday walks and I hope those friendships continue to grow as we get further into the training. If you can buddy up with someone else during the week to do the homework walks, they will be easier and go by a lot faster.

Homework this week is 2 one hour walks. Practice drinking your water too. Very happy to see that we’re all carrying water just in case the fountains are not working. You guys are looking great and it your homework shows up well on Sunday. Start thinking ahead to the Bus Run on June 12th and remember to sign up for it. We’ll get to walk a good part of the marathon course and you’ll want to make sure that you have a seat on the bus. It’s a fun walk!

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Our good doctor talked about heat and made a passing reference to hot flashes… hey, men can get hot flashes… just the other day I was riding a bus when a gorgeous Japanese female model or movie star sat down beside me… but I digress. Green Team had 13 at the starting line… excellent to see so many of our mothers in attendance… they claim Sunday morning is their time and the family respects that… great to know where we / HMC stand in the hierarchy. Some of our people are really dedicated… when a man drives in from Ewa area to do homework runs and a woman drives over the Ko’olau from Kaneohe just to do her homework on our hilly routes… that’s dedication. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a 6.4-mile trek in 1H 38M for a 15.3 overall pace [that Kilauea hill will slow anyone down]. And we returned to the refreshment tables exactly on our promised time to be greeted by our own smiling Susan who ran the table duty today… great job with the wide assortment of goodies. On a personal note – I’m lucky not to have diabetes, but did you notice today the sugar free items available? Thank you doctor for your concern to assure all were able to partake of refreshments after their run. And mahalo to Lynn for reading the newsletter and giving me the recipe for her delicious grape salad bowl she brought to the picnic. Next week the green ones will break that 7 mile threshold! Do your homework. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Thanks to the cool breezes for keeping us comfortable during our run. It was a smaller than usual turnout, as was expected. For those of us who made it out, you all did a great job and had fun in the process. I did tweak the route to get our miles in. The 6 mile run doesn’t have as obvious land marks to hit as the 4 or 8 mile runs but we always can make our own depends of the objective of the day.. Today was shave ice but we were too early…lol oh well we still got the mileage.

Reminders to everyone to sign up for the upcoming first bus run in June. Please only sign up if you truly intend to join us. The sign up is to assist with ordering the correct amount of buses. More will be said on this as it gets closer. We ran 6.78 miles in 1 hour and 53 minutes and burned approximately 827 calories. As a reminder the time is from start to finish including the time we stop for water, and looking for shave ice etc. Remember to get your homework runs in this week and we will see you next Sunday same time and place.

Da Comment Corner:

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up on the board for our first Bus Run on June 12. Most will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant in Hawaii Ka) where we will get exposure to running on the actual marathon route. Please sign up ASAP so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Sign -up sheets are posted on the bulletin Board.

Portland Marathon:

“October 9 Portland Marathon Update: We now have 5 Honolulu Marathon Clinic Team members participating in the Portland Marathon. They are Val Ogi, Kyle Unten, Sylvia Guernsey, Shantelle Kragh and Darla Hochhalter. If you would like to join our Team, please call Darla at 808-216-0223. “On to Portland.”

See you at the water stops,


Blair’s Weekly Update 05-01-2016

Dr. Scaff spoke about shin splints; it’s usually associated with newer runners getting accustomed to running on a more regular basis. I usually goes away after rest and a slow recovery process. He also talked about side stiches. To get a video of Doc’s talk via thumb drive please talk with Board Chair Bruce Mullikin.


Thanks to all the volunteers at our picnic – to name a few – Norm, Peter, Bruce, Jeff, Burt, Muriel, Maile, Robert, Alberto, and Val along with a slew of volunteers, it was a huge success. We had over 140 runners and friends in attendance. We enjoyed a potpourri of food representing many global cuisines – It was all very delicious!! By the level of conversation going on and the tone of everyone’s demeanor, once again the picnic was a tremendous success!! Thanks again to all participants for being so organized and patient. And, thanks also to all of the volunteers who helped in setting up and to clean up. We must have set a time record for cleaning up and putting everything away – it was fast!

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up for our first Bus Run on June 12th. For many it will be a new experience running in from a destination to home base. I always look forward to the Bus Runs because of the change in scenery and the opportunity to socialize during the ride on the school bus. Most of us will be dropped off at the Maunalua Bay stop (across from Roy’s in Hawaii Kai) and return for an 8 mile trek. Many Intermediate and Advanced runners will probably add in the Hawaii Kai Drive Loop (an additional two miles). We also get exposure to running on the actual marathon route. Please sign up ASAP so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Sign -up sheets will be posted soon on the bulletin Board.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace – < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today we did 12.5 at a mixed pace, and welcomed back several Boston qualifiers. Next week we’re meeting at the Aina Haina McDonalds at 6:30. Run fun!

Red Group by Steve Cole:
(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Linnea, Sven, Jun, Lisa, Chris and Jimmi for a nice 12-mile run. We started by running 6 miles in from the 1st beach park (Wailupe Beach Park), and then we ran back out after the talk for a total of 12 miles. It was a nice cool day with some breezes. Summer is definitely on its way 🙂 We ran at a 9:30 pace for a total running time of about 1:54:00.

We’ll be doing the same run next Sunday, and we’ll be meeting up at 6:00 am for anyone that would like to join.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragados:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

Thank you very much to all who volunteered for and participated in the potluck today.

We missed our Leader Rosie today, but we had a large group of approximately 15 runners: Leaders Hao, Henry, Kozo, Andy and I were joined by Arlene, Cindy, Gary, Horacio, Katsu, Keith, Ken, Otaki and Ryan. We also had a guest runner, Sergio, from Arizona, who has already completed two Honolulu Marathons and is currently training for an upcoming Kauai Marathon. We completed our first 8 mile run to Aloha Gas station and back via Farmer’s Road. Everyone put forth a great effort on this very warm but breezy day.

Remaining consistent and diligent with 2 one hour homework runs and Sunday runs, drinking plenty of fluids during and between runs, and resting between runs will help you to build endurance, acclimatize to running in the warm, humid weather and prevent injury as we begin to increase mileage. Next week we will be running 8 miles again.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group splintered today. 17 runners opted to follow our leader, Lynnae, on a run to Magic Island and another group, led by Paris, headed for the gas station in Kahala. We had beautiful May Day weather that was sunny and breezy as the “Magic Island” runners headed up Kalakaua Avenue. It was a nice change of scenery and the hotels gave us a cool, shady route to enjoy. Today’s Silverados included Jimmy, Jen, John T., Hong, Paul, Dawn, Gage, Lee, Trieu, Zena, Selena, Melissa, Carrie, Doc Joe, Tavy, Horacio, Alfredo, Carl and a few others whose names I hope to get to know as we continue to train. Feedback on pace is always welcome. We don’t want to leave anyone behind. It’s supposed to feel slow in the beginning, so you have enough in the tank to finish. This is an important concept for endurance training.

The Magic-Island route was a reverse of the actual Honolulu Marathon course. From the time we left HQ, headed up all the avenues: Paki, Monsarrat, then Kalakaua, we were on a portion of the course that is rarely trained for as we usually focus on Diamond Head, Kahala, and Hawaii Kai. It was a good chance to get familiar with this part of the big race.

Stats: The group ran a strong pace of 11:08 minutes per mile, burning close to 800 calories on some runners and 1200 for the larger men. All of this justified the food we got to enjoy at the end of the run, for those of us who stayed for the HMC picnic. It was a great time of feasting and fellowship! Many thanks to all those who coordinated, set up, served, and cleaned up.

Tip: If your toes are feeling sore or turning color, get bigger shoes. They should be 1 full size bigger than your regular shoes (no joke). Make sure to stretch after your workout. This will help limit the achiness. Soaking in salt water (ie. The ocean) is also recommended. For more info, see Dr. Scaff’s book for “Month 3” recommendations (and you may recognize a familiar face).

The runners-high moment: What brings a moment of happiness along the running route? Answer: Finding a “fresh” porta-potty before a race without a line. Good restroom facilities pre-race are so key to enhancing a runner’s race day experience! Oftentimes good facilities come with a long line, so finding a secret bathroom is something special. (Runners don’t ask for do much, do they?)


  • 5/8 and 5/15: Starting 8-mile runs. Back to our usual route – the gas station. Bring some cash if you want to pick up drinks or snacks at the convenience store.
  • 5/22/16: Honolulu Ekiden and Music. It’s a marathon relay-race. Teams may have up to 6 runners. Routes vary between 3.3 miles to 5.6 miles. About half of the route is on the Honolulu Marathon course. For more info race, see www.hnlekiden.org.

*EKIDEN SPECIAL OFFER*: HMC teams are being formed to participate in the Ekiden on May 22nd. Registration is half price due to a generous sponsor. Deadline is May 8. If interested, please email lynnaelee@yahoo for details.

White Group by Robert Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

This Sunday we had a lot of morning activities with our post run Picnic. Dr. Scaff and Peter gave their talk and we broke up into our groups. Look like it was a race out of the park.

Late to show up but first to lead us out of the Park was Pace Setter Bob. We passed a couple of groups leading to Diamond Head. Surf was looking good and the trades were cool. On the Top, Young Boy George counted 21 runners this morning.

We made it to our Triangle Park at a brisk pace. Not much to talk about as Guru Sam was ready to lead us onward. Making it to our regular bathroom break off 22nd Avenue. Then our route took us east around the Kahala Neighborhood.

Today’s leaders were Jessica, Monika, Rich, Sam and Bob. Blair was present at the start but stayed behind to set up the chili sauce. Regulars on the road with us were Violet, Russell, Stefanie, Andrew, Elaine, George, Russ, Francis, Cara, Sirena, Danell, Chantel, Jamie and a few others I can’t remember. So Sorry, I will do better next time.

Back at Triangle Park, everyone was staying together as a group. We took in more water and walked up to the next cross walk. Remember if you’re tired going back and overcome the urge to walk…press on the jog button. Marathon Day, this training will pay off. It does not have to be fast, just keep moving.

Back at the Park, We all indulged in eating a full plate and more. Chantel brought out her tray of Chocolate Mochi. Ummm! They were better than Bob’s Brownies.

Do them homework runs, see you all next week.


Buff Walker by George Ushijima:

Today was another wonder outing for us. The weather was perfect and you could tell everyone was in a good mood. The reason could’ve been the Clinic Picnic. The spread was tremendous, stupendous and seemingly endless. I’m sure all enjoyed the eats and the company too.

We are in the month of May. We should be upping our Sundays to 6 miles. We cut it short to get back to the buffet on time. Next week is Mother’s day. We’ll be doing the 6 miles with the Kilauea field as the turnaround point. Let us all keep up with our homework. That is going out twice during the week for 4 miles each. We’ll work on our timing during Sundays. We did around 18.5 minutes per mile, but I know we could do better.

Keep on Walking! Thank you George for your Chili – delicious!!

Sweet 16s by Roanne Abe:

Welcome to month three! How time flies when you’re having fun.

Eighteen Sweet Sixteeners started the morning off right: Harry, Isaac, Annie, Linda, Muriel, Ginger, Dan, Lynn, Roland, Ron, Gae, Fran, Annette, Cliff, Roanne, Lynette, John and Glenn. Name puzzle for the week – which name was NOT present? And who were the two Sweet Sixteeners that did not start with us, but joined us for fellowship at the picnic?

We headed up Diamond Head at a strong clip, no complaining about the sun or lack of wind. Great job at keeping single file and sharing the sidewalk with others. All said and done we did just over six miles for the day and we were all smiles at the end.

If you have not already picked up Dr. Scaff’s book, now is a great time to get it. It’s a great resource and will give one insight into how to get ready for the months ahead. Homework for this week is two 1 hour walks. It’s important to do the homework as next month it will really show. You all are doing great! Keep it up!

See you on Sunday!

Green 15s by Louis Crompton:

Thanks to our good doctor for telling us what pains to look for… about 12 of us green ones went out for 6 miles and did not duplicate any symptoms… we’ll try again next week when we do 6.5 miles. So what happened to our handful of missing members? Can’t use the Mother’s Day excuse, that’s next week. We made our little journey in 1 1/2 hrs. for a 15.0 min/mile pace. Actually that was quicker than 2 personal homework trips, but today there was FOOD at the finish line. And it seemed that everyone out did themselves with the goodies they brought. Personal TIE vote by this self-appointed connoisseur… whoever made the grape salad – I want the recipe! That was super! And surely the other treat worthy of a shout out was the 4 layer jello dessert… OMG how long did that take to make? That was an excellent piece that could have been in Chef Sam Choy’s restaurant for a few $. Mahalo to each person who contributed to our picnic and to the gang who did all the set up work. Homework can still be 2 walks or runs of at least an hour each… I know it’s difficult for our people with a 40 hr. work week plus family chores to get in those homework hours… real dedication on your part. Keep it up. Aloha

Golden 14s by Dean Takashige:

May Day!! Our first run in May and also the HMC picnic. Although we had a breeze the days are getting slightly warmer…this means drink more water to prevent dehydration – it is very easy to forget to drink enough water.

Dr Scaff’s talk was on shin splints and side stitch. Most first year runners may develop shin splints till their body adjust itself to running. Side stitch or side pain in alleviated by relaxing your abdominal muscles while breathing…refer to page 14 of Your First Marathon. We ran 5 miles by the time we returned to the park for our picnic .As usual we had loads of food and a lot of fun…!!! Next Sunday is Mother’s day and we will have a formal clinic and run…

Do your midweek homework runs and we will see you next week

Lucky 13s by Derby Linden:

Lucky 13s Weekly Photo - 05-01-2016

The first two months was we were tuning up our bodies for 4 mile runs – running around Kapiolani the first month and then running up Diamond Head to Operation Red Wings (Triangle Park ). Now, we will be adding two more miles to our monthly runs hereinafter increasing our mileage all the way thru November. This is our target mileage for months to come. Keep up with your training, every other day 1+ hours.

Month Mileage
March 4
April 4
May 6
June 8
July 10
August 12
September 14
October 16
November 18
December 11, 2016  🙂

Da Comment Corner:

Apologies to Mr. Gandhi:

I misquoted him last week – it should have read:

Motivation –
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it anyway.

See you at the water stops,


Blair’s Weekly Update 04-24-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke about injuries; “prime time” for injuries is when one is feeling great about their running and takes on more mileage or tries to run faster. The main reason the Clinic doesn’t meet year round – to get body healed after the marathon. So, rest your body; your body needs to recuperate even if your ego is telling you different.

This Sunday’s Picnic:

Please bring in your latest creation to share with fellow runners and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow runners. Friends and family invited; a $1 fee per person; soft drinks and Zippy’s chili and rice provided. Groups do their usual run then enjoy the picnic afterward. Start time around 9:30 a.m. Bring a hearty appetite and a bunch of family and friends.

Table Duty:

Special thanks to the Evelyn and Libby for the great drink and food! The sandwiches were delicious! Mahalo!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today the group did 12.5 at an easy pace. Next week we’re meeting at the Aina Haina McDonalds at 6:30 am. We will discuss perhaps running a different on 5/8 so please let me know your thoughts. Run fun!

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Linnea, Sven, Melissa, Bryan, Lisa and Mike for a nice 12-mile run. We started by running 6 miles in from the 1st beach park (Wailupe Beach Park), and then we ran back out after the talk for a total of 12 miles. It was a nice cool day with some drizzle and breezes – awesome running weather 🙂 We ran at a 9:30 pace for a total running time of about 1:54:00.

We’ll be doing the same run next Sunday, and we’ll be meeting up at 6:00 am for anyone that would like to join.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:
(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pinks had a large group this bright and breezy morning. Leaders Henry, Kozo, Leslie and Rosie were joined by Laura, Ken, Otani, two Ryans, Arleen, Chris, Earl, Jeff, Cindy, and Keith for 6.5 to 7.9 miles, depending on which finish path they took. Some of our runners are doing their first marathon, while others have lost count they’ve done so many. But our HMC is for everybody and we all help each other.

We focused on keeping our pace down to our average 10 minute mile. We all have a tendency to want to go out too fast and then lose momentum when the distances grow longer. We’re building an internal pacemaker that will last over the 26.2 miles.

Next week, we’ll run to the gas station for an 8-miler ahead of the picnic. Perhaps those extra two miles will excuse all the goodies we plan to consume at the park afterwards. Please remember to bring your $1 and a contribution of food to share.

Homework runs are important especially as we start increasing the distances on Sunday. Keep up two runs of an hour each during the week. You can do hills if you want to gain strength, or speed work on the homework runs, but Sundays are for the long, slow runs, building the base of time on the road.

See you at the Park!

Boston proud!

Go! Rosie PosterSome old runners from our Pink group moved to the Boston area recently. They looked up the Hawaii runners and found me, got in touch, and came out to cheer me on in the Boston Marathon. They wore their yellow Honolulu Marathon shirts and made an ALOHA/GO ROSIE! Poster. I have a photo of Darrow and Subhana with me and their poster at the base of Heartbreak Hill. I thought it might be nice for HMC runners who knew Dr. Hand and his lovely wife to know about that.

Silver Group by Carl Silva:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group was made up of 11 runners. The weather was sunny and warm with a few breezes to keep us cool. Ron led the group, which included Lance, Dawn, Paul, Hong, Rick, Selena, and Carl (sorry for those I missed, I’m still getting to know everyone’s names).

The group headed out of Kapiolani Park in record time today. Peter’s announcements were very brief and the group leaders have been asked to keep their talks short so we can get out on the road quickly. So, if you time your arrival at the park to be just after Doc’s talk and Peter’s administrative announcements, you’d better plan on getting there a bit earlier from now on, or you’ll be chasing your group.

At Triangle Park, the group did some quick introductions, and we were reminded that the first Clinic Picnic will be next week Sunday, May 1. Please bring a dish to share that you can drop off at the table before the run. The cost is $1 per person. Bringing your family members is encouraged so you can all have a good time after your run, replenishing the calories you just burned off. Bring chairs or mats to sit on in the shade of the trees in the park.

Stats: The group ran 7.5 miles at a pace of 11:20 minutes per mile. Calorie burn ranged from 900 for smaller runners and 1300 for the big guys.

Tip: Though our Sunday runs are currently covering shorter distances, it’s always a good idea to bring your own water bottle. There are times that water fountains can be out of commission or overcrowded so having your own water along for the run helps. It’s also a good idea to carry a little pocket change ($2.50 minimum) in case you have to buy a drink or snack along the way or need to catch the bus back. Very soon we will be making the gas station a regular stop along our Sunday route.

The runners-high moment: Last week we asked people to think about what brings them a moment of happiness along the running route. My moment of Happiness is when I’m out running on a hot day and suddenly hit a stretch of road with shade provided by the nearby buildings and a cool breeze is blowing at my back. That’s my runner’s high.


  • 5/1/16: 7.5-mile run. Then picnic for HMC members and their families. Bring $1, a potluck dish, and something to sit on.
  • 5/8/16: 8 miles.

Homework: We are still going by time (not pace). Two 1-hour runs during the week with a rest day in between. Continue building that good base.

White Group by Blair Hoashi, Bob Choate and Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Nearly 30 runners were present when we gathered at Triangle Park. The Guru, Bob, Monica and Jessica led the lively group.. There was lots of chatter within the group which showed that 1). The group is having a good time; and 2). All or most of our members are running at a comfortable pace. Newcomers, don’t be fooled by the how easy running these distances seem to be; as we increase our mileage, diligent homework, pacing, hydration, and energy replenishment will be very vital to maintaining one’s comfort. Kudos to leaders Sam and Bob for doing a great job of leading this “wild bunch”! Our group included regulars like Monica, Russell, Ivana, Michael, Charles, Danel, and then whole a slew of others – Chantel and friend, Ryo, Reina, and others. We shall all get to know everyone better as time progresses. Congratulations to everyone on a great run!

Please continue to be diligent with your homework runs; we will be increasing our mileage every month and the dreaded Kahala Avenue stretch will be part of our return route at the end of each month.

Please remember next week’s picnic – please bring a nice dish that you would want everyone to try!

Be safe and healthy!


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

Gorgeous weather today. Thee last Sunday of the month. Today we thought we’d up it a bit and take a little detour down 22nd and right at Puu Panini. We did 5.14 miles. That took us 1 hour and 53 minutes. We stopped at those watering holes for a total of 9 minutes. So we got our time at a little slow pace of 20m 15s a mile. At that rate we’d finish the marathon just before 2 pm. That’s a lot of sunshine to absorb. Came back to Libby and company managing a nice spread for the refreshments. Remember to do your homework. Next week, we’ll be having our picnic, so we’ll probably do an abbreviated trek, so that we could get back early and enjoy the spread. The following week is Mother’s Day. We’ll still have a clinic that day.

Don’t forget to do your homework.

Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’s by Cliff Hand:

Perfect Day!

Good turnout of 16 walkers!

Jenny, Gae, Linda, Lynn. Dan, Candy, Arlene, Fran, Karen, Annie, Roland, Pam, Harry, Annette,Cliff.

Nice temperature, beautiful surroundings (so what else is new? We stay Hawaii, yah?)

And, we went further than planned, making it all the way to Elepaio before heading home. Although as usual there was some disagreement among the several GPS trackers, we went at least 5-3/4 miles. We had planned 5-1/2, to be better prepared for the jump to 6 in May. So now we’re a little ahead of schedule. No complaints from the poor, abused, Sweet Sixteens about the extra half mile.

(And no, as a preemptive strike from the staff, this does not mean that we don’t have go so far next week.)

Do your homework and come back for the walk and the picnic next week.

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

I don’t know… is the earth tilting? Should we blame global warming? The plan was to go out for 5 1/2 miles today along a route previously measured at 5.5 and 5.46 miles… close enough. Today 19 green ones did that same measured route; today it was 5.34 miles! We welcome and say irasshai to Ryo and Eri. In her first visit Eri reverted back to her former Eriko days. They both promise to return to Green Team next week. Clinic participants are always free to try different groups… the Green 15 group will finish the marathon in December in 6 1/2 hrs or 15.1 overall pace. If you want to do that, join us. We are fortunate in the clinic to have dedicated participants who weekly drive in from Ewa, central Oahu and Kaneohe…thank you so much for being loyal to the program and making the trip to abuse your bod every Sunday morning… stay with us and you WILL at least get a nifty tee shirt in December for your efforts. We finished in about 1H 20M for an overall pace of 15.0 m/m… good job by all today. Only 2 months of training and we’re getting in & out of our water stops quickly, plus it seems like the city has altered the hills – reduced the slopes… And sweeper Ryan walked back with our own Miss Thailand, Kitnam – there’s perks to being in the sweeper slot. Mahalo to the table duty ladies Libby and Evelyn. Next week the green ones will bump up the distance to 6 miles [if the earth doesn’t tilt] and we’ll be back standing in the family picnic line before 9:30. Remember to go out for two jogs during the week for at least 1 hr each, about 4 miles – try to find a hilly route. You could take The Bus to work, then get off a few miles early and jog home. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

This was the last official run for April.

So far we have been blessed with great running weather. Not too hot with a nice breeze. The group has gotten smaller, since a lot of the new runners are trying out faster groups, this means that your training is going well and you are feeling stronger and stronger every week. Next Sunday is our HMC picnic. We ask that everyone bring their families and a contribution to the pot luck; preferably a main dish or salad since there will be a lots of deserts I am sure. It will just cost a $1 donation per person to get in line…

Once we come back from our Sunday run, go to the table where Peter will collect your $1 and provide you with a name tag. Then you can get in line for your food…

Since it will be May we will be running 6 miles this month…. It will be a seamless transition since you all have been doing great with your homework runs.

Today we ran 5 miles in 1 hour and 23 minutes and burned 461 calories.

Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

The first two months was we were tuning up our bodies for 4 mile runs – running around Kapiolani the first month and then running up Diamond Head to Operation Red Wings (Triangle Park ). Now, we will be adding two more miles to our monthly runs hereinafter increasing our mileage all the way thru November. This is our target mileage for months to come. Keep up with your training, every other day 1+ hours.

Month Mileage
March 4
April 4
May 6
June 8
July 10
August 12
September 14
October 16
November 18
December 11, 2016 J

Da Comment Corner:

Quote from Runner’s World:

“I don’t have a runner’s body, but I have a runner’s heart – and that is all you need”.

Army Sergeant Jennifer Morris


Everything you do is insignificant, but do it anyway” – Gandhi

See you at the water stops,